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Elon Musk: Apple has fully resumed Twitter advertising

Elon Musk, the Chief Executive Officer of Twitter, made the announcement at a meeting that lasted for two hours that Apple had fully resumed advertising on the social media site. Musk said that Apple was Twitter’s primary sponsor.

Just five days earlier, Musk said that Apple detested free speech, made alterations, and stopped paying for advertisements.

This led to widespread media coverage of a possible battle between Apple and Twitter. Musk said that Apple had abruptly ceased airing commercials on Twitter and had threatened to delist the social media platform from the App Store.

Musk eventually altered his mind after speaking with Apple CEO Tim Cook two days after making those remarks. After the discussion, Musk acknowledged there had been some miscommunication over Twitter.

When asked whether Apple had ever considered removing Twitter from the App Store, Cook made it plain that they had never planned to do so.

Musk stated that Cook had given him a tour of Apple Park and that they had a nice conversation during which Apple apparently decided to resume running Twitter adverts.

Apple has not responded to Musk’s comments from today. After the Twitter Space chat, Musk tweeted to thank advertisers for returning to the platform.
Apple has consistently been one of Twitter’s top advertisers, and it is estimated that the corporation spends more than $100M on marketing annually.

Media Matters for America published statistics on November 30 that seemed to show Apple’s expenditure had increased since Musk took over.

The decline between November 8 and November 21 was noticeable, although it wasn’t entirely stopped. Nevertheless, it was said that Apple spent $84,615.70 on November 28 on average, which is 2.6 times more than a month earlier.

Apple spent $48 million in the first quarter according to internal records obtained by the Washington Post on November 28.

This supports Musk’s allegation that Apple is the company that spends the most on advertising. Due to Christmas sales, this might easily be seen as an increased seasonal expenditure.

With inputs from AppleInsider & ResearchSnipers

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