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Elon Musk allegedly had an affair with wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin

Hide your girlfriends and your spouses. Elon Musk is making connections with everyone in this area. The Wall Street Journal said that when Nicole Shanahan allegedly had an affair with Elon Musk, Google co-founder Sergey Brin filed for divorce from his wife. Weeks after learning about the infidelity, Brin filed for divorce in January. He stated “irreconcilable conflicts” as the cause of the separation in court documents.

Not only did what is being referred to as a short flirtation break Brin and Shanahan’s marriage but other relationships as well. The two billionaires’ relationship also came to an end. According to sources, Brin, who contributed $500,000 to Tesla during the financial crisis to keep the firm afloat, has instructed his financial advisors to sell all of his assets in Musk’s different companies, according to the WSJ.

The claimed incident happened in December of the previous year. Brin and Shanahan were alleged to have been living separately at the time.

The affair happened in the same month that Musk and his girlfriend Grimes had a kid through a surrogate, and it was also reported that Musk and Grimes had split up.

Additionally, it was just made public that Musk and Shivon Zilis secretly welcomed twins in November. She oversees operations and special initiatives for Neuralink, one of his other businesses.

When does he have a chance to rest?

When you combine all of that with Musk’s Twitter turmoil and his father’s own notorious bedroom antics, you have to wonder how often he gets a break. Sounds like Elon’s good times are beginning to affect him personally.

It must be difficult to not always do precisely what you want to do when you have as much money as he has. He may simply need a wake-up call to put a little more pressure on the brakes after losing a buddy and a significant business ally. Even though I wouldn’t hold my breath, anything may happen. Musk is now delighted with every part of his fortunate fortune.

Source: Outkick

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