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‘Doubly Pissed Off’: Elon Musk Slams Hillary Clinton Campaign, Promises to change Twitter rules

This week, Elon Musk has been more active than he often is on his various social media platforms. For one cause or another, he has been featured prominently in the news media. Elon Musk recently called out the team working for Hillary Clinton for a tweet that made an accusation that Donald Trump had been in contact with Russia in 2016.

The software entrepreneur labeled the tweet as a “hoax” after being tagged in the post by another user of Twitter who asked him what he would do about the “misleading misinformation” if he gained control of the popular social media network. The tweet in issue is a statement made by Hillary Clinton on October 31, 2016, during her last presidential campaign.

In a letter that was published at the time, the former Secretary of State of the United States called out Donald Trump. It would seem that members of the computer science community have discovered a hidden server that connects the Trump Organization to a financial institution located in Russia. This channel of communication may help explain why Trump has such a weird obsession with Vladimir Putin and why, during his campaign, he has endorsed so many pro-Kremlin policies.

Now, a person on Twitter is making an effort to get the message from 2016 deleted since it has been brought back up in the headlines. This account mentioned Elon Musk in a tweet by tagging him. The CEO of Tesla indicated that they were completely accurate, and he also stated that if he had total authority over Twitter, he would alter the rules that Twitter uses to remove that kind of content.

He went on to add that the tweet is a fake that was created by the Clinton campaign and that Michael Sussman, the lawyer for the Trump campaign, is presently facing criminal charges for lying to the FBI about Trump’s ties with Russia.

Musk was recently accused of sexual misconduct by a friend of a former SpaceX flight attendant. According to this friend, Musk requested his ex-employee to give him an “erotic massage” when they were traveling to London in 2016, and this friend felt that Musk’s request was inappropriate. The allegations have been brought up again despite the fact that Musk is said to have settled the matter with the flight attendant for $250,000.

Source: Thirsty For News

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Written by Alex Bruno

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