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Donald Trump: Elon Musk is another ‘Bulls**t artist!’

This is really rather funny: Last night, Donald Trump was doing one of his signature rallies and inciting a riot among the Alaskan audience. The former president did, however, take a little break from his tirades against political correctness and transgender athletes to attack Elon Musk.

Donald Trump criticizes Elon Musk

The billionaire from Pretoria just backed out of an agreement to purchase Twitter, a social media company that Donald Trump views as a direct rival to his platform for “truth.” Elon Musk was left without a solution when the $44 billion deal fell through. The biggest roadblock seems to have been a disagreement on the number of false accounts that are truly active on Twitter.

After many weeks of inaction, the transaction was ultimately completed over the weekend, and Trump himself dubbed it “a bad one” for the wealthiest man in the world. Sadly, his sharp criticism didn’t stop there. Following Musk’s allegations regarding his voting history, Trump continued by calling him a “bullshit artist.” Elon recently said that he will “for the first time” vote Republican in the US midterm elections in 2022.

But Trump claimed to the residents of Anchorage that Musk had truly supported HIM in 2016. Therefore, who is lying here? Also speaking briefly, Donald Trump dismissed the danger posed by climate change, saying that there are “greater issues” that need to be solved first. His whole perspective on ocean acidification and climate change are that there will be “more beachfront homes” to choose from.

Source: The South African

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