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Dogecoin Co-creator calls Elon Musk a ‘Grifter’ Who Is ‘Good at Pretending’, Elon responds

The co-creator of Dogecoin, which was a cryptocurrency that was essentially just a joke until Elon Musk started talking about it, does not have a favorable opinion of the Tesla CEO billionaire. In an interview that he gave to the independent Australian news website Crikey, Jackson Palmer expressed his skepticism about Elon Musk, starting with the very first time that the two of them engaged with one another.

Years ago, he claimed, the two exchanged messages on Twitter when Musk enquired about a bot Palmer created to alert bitcoin frauds on social media. “Elon asked me for that script, and it was clear right away that he didn’t know as much about coding as he said,” said Jackson, adding that Musk didn’t even seem to know how to run basic code. He remarked, “I wasn’t a fan of him after I handed him the script.” “He’s a thief; he sells a vision in the hopes of one day delivering what he promises, but he has no idea.

“He’s simply incredibly skilled at seeming like he understands what he’s talking about.” In 2013, Palmer helped to develop Dogecoin as a satirical alternative to Bitcoin, which was a very new and unheard-of financial innovation at the time. (Unlike Bitcoin, which has a finite amount of coins, Dogecoins have an infinite number of theoretical coins, making its value extremely speculative.)

Dogecoin continued to be a joke up until the beginning of 2021 when Elon Musk started promoting the coin on Twitter, which caused a significant increase in the value of the currency. Musk tweeted a photo of himself as Rafiki from “The Lion King,” carrying the Dogecoin mascot, a Shiba Inu, aloft in one of his posts. In another, Musk lauded the coin as “the people’s crypto” and indicated that it was on its way “to the moon,” a popular refrain among cryptocurrency investors who are bullish on their investments.

According to Palmer, Elon Musk was and always will be “a grifter but the world likes grifters” when he was talking about crypto a year ago. Palmer cited Musk’s promise of fully self-driving Teslas as proof. Jackson was pessimistic about Musk’s protracted will-he-won’t-he attempt to purchase Twitter. “Either he’s crazy enough to believe he can establish an alternative, or he’s dismantling all trust,” he added. “The other option is that he wants to bury it for a far cheaper price, and I believe that’s what he’s doing.”

Musk has often tweeted about his enthusiasm for Dogecoin, and his business SpaceX recently announced that the cryptocurrency will be accepted as payment for items. However, the 50-year-old millionaire entrepreneur was forthright in his reaction to Palmer’s interview, criticizing the computer code Palmer had previously shown him.

Musk tweeted Tuesday, “When my kids were 12, they wrote better code than the crap script Jackson provided me.” Musk continued by saying, “If it’s that fantastic, he should share it with the public and make everyone’s experience with Twitter better.” “You’ll understand what I mean if he does. Jackson Palmer is a manipulator.” Musk’s team and Tesla were contacted for comment by SpaceXMania.

In response to Musk’s remark, Jackson shared a link to a Github website where he released the code in 2018. “I never suggested it was incredibly complicated,” Jackson noted in a tweet, “but this basic script clearly succeeded in discovering and reporting the less sophisticated phishing accounts around 2018.” “Their strategies have subsequently developed. I told a lot of others about it, and it worked for them.”

In a tweet, Musk responded directly to Jackson, calling the code “totally worthless.” Palmer and his buddy Billy Markus, according to CNBC, founded Dogecoin as a prank in 2013. Jackson dropped out of the project in 2015 and hasn’t reaped the benefits of its subsequent popularity. Musk claimed in April that he had bought a $44 billion stake in Twitter and that he wanted to lift the permanent ban imposed on former President Donald Trump after the rioting at the US Capitol, among other modifications. But, as Musk said earlier this month, the transaction has been placed on hold for details on the platform’s bogus and spam accounts.

Source: HuffPost

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