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‘Damn, talk about a gut punch’: Reports say that Elon Musk’s Tesla is firing new workers and pulling job offers

Tesla is apparently implementing the cuts Elon Musk warned about in early June, with workers who started working there only weeks or months ago being let go and job offers being rescinded. Several impacted people have lately complained about social media platforms about what they refer to as lost employment and canceled offers. A manager who joined the organization this year and was just let go told Business Insider that he believed his job to be secure.

Tesla claimed that layoffs, which are said to number in the hundreds, were based on performance reviews, but the employee, who asked to remain anonymous, told Insider that “that is not true, in my opinion, because I had only been at Tesla for a few months and had yet to have performance goals set or a performance review.” He told the news source that the corporation refused to disclose the criteria that were used in the decision, and that he was “essentially” compelled to take a severance payout under fear of having his medical insurance canceled if he didn’t.

Iain Abshier, whose LinkedIn profile states that he started working as a recruiter for Tesla this month, stated last week that he had been fired “after barely two weeks of employment” on the social networking site. He added that the layoff had made him understand that recruiting was not his passion, writing, “Damn, talk about a gut hit.” Instead, he started a small company and made the decision to enroll in training to become a professional fireman, something he had always wanted to do but had been too scared to do while maintaining a successful job.

Robert Belovodskij, who lists his internship at Tesla on LinkedIn, said last week that his employment offer to work there full-time had been withdrawn. His start date was early August, and he had just graduated from college in May. According to a previous story from Insider, two former Tesla employees filed a lawsuit against the firm earlier this month, alleging the corporation had broken the law by abruptly firing hundreds of workers.

According to Bloomberg, Musk said on Wednesday that his Texas and Germany facilities are losing “billions of dollars” as the firm tries to increase output. He referred to them as “gigantic money furnaces.”

“The previous two years have been a complete nightmare of supply-chain disruptions, one thing after another, and we haven’t even begun to recover from it,” “The news source quoted Musk as saying. “How can we keep the factory running so we can pay the workers and avoid going bankrupt is primarily what we’re worried about. The COVID shutdowns in China were, to put it mildly, quite challenging. According to Bloomberg, earlier this month Musk warned of layoffs of paid staff in internal emails and expressed his “very awful feeling” about the economy.

Source: Fortune

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