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Court orders Twitter to submit Spam accounts data to Elon Musk

Court orders Twitter to submit thousands of user data to Elon Musk

In order to help his legal team explain Elon Musk’s reasons for pulling out of the $44 billion bid to purchase the social media business, Twitter was ordered by a U.S. court to give over some of its user data. Regarding the number of spam accounts on the social networking site, Musk had said that Twitter had misled him and the general public. Bot accounts made up fewer than 5% of the firm’s daily active users who were being paid, according to the corporation (mDAU).

Musk disagreed, claiming that there were more false accounts than what Twitter had disclosed to the SEC, which regulates the capital markets. The finding, according to him, was a contract violation. The billionaire claims that Twitter’s disclosure of information was the primary factor in his decision to purchase the business, thus the company must reveal user information so that he can estimate the true number of spam accounts now using the site.

The board underlined that the bot accounts were fewer than 5% as previously reported and claimed that disclosing such data was not required by their contract. Despite his decision to end the purchase deal, the investor had previously intimated that the acquisition cost should be scaled down if Twitter had not exposed all of the phony accounts.

In part granting Musk’s request on Thursday, Judge Kathaleen McCormick ordered Twitter to provide the billionaire’s attorneys with thousands of user records rather than the trillions of records he had requested. McCormick reportedly said that no one in their right mind has ever sought such a large amount of data, but she still ordered that Musk be given access to around 9,000 customer records from the fourth quarter of last year.
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According to her, “Musk’s records request would demand plaintiff to furnish trillions upon trillions of data points,” and “[Twitter] has difficulties calculating the burden of responding to that order since no one in their right mind has ever sought to make such an endeavor,” she said. As Twitter seeks to stop the billionaire from walking away from the arrangement, McCormick’s injunction comes before a court case between Twitter and Musk.

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