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US Congress and UFO

Congress fears: UFO “threats” are increasing

Possible Alien invasion in near future?

For many years, aliens have been a part of our culture. No, not the White House lizard people, at least not that we know of. Since the 1950s, numerous of sightings of UFO unidentified flying objects have been recorded. Of course, reports of sightings date back as long as man has kept records, so they didn’t begin in the 1950s.

Some even assert that hieroglyphics show ancient Egyptians seeing mysterious flying things. But since the enigma surrounding Roswell, New Mexico, reports of sightings have increased dramatically. The sightings are becoming increasingly frequent for a variety of reasons, including improved technology and declining stigma. Recent research reveals a startling shift in the American government’s thinking, acknowledging that not all UFOs are man-made.

You would be pardoned if you failed to notice this discovery. It happened in a budgeting report, which is similar to reading the back of a fertilizer package in order to put off completing yard maintenance. Douglas Johnson, a UFO researcher, found some unsettling statements in the study that may alter how we see the government and extraterrestrials.

According to the report, “trans medium dangers to the National Security of the United States are growing dramatically.” The government is also urged to make a distinction between made goods and unmanufactured goods. Although this doesn’t imply that the government is aware of or believes in extraterrestrial life, it does show a newfound receptivity to the idea.

When a rancher discovered some mysterious debris in his field in 1947, the nation was swept up in the UFO craze. He delivered it to the neighborhood sheriff, who then gave it to the nearby Roswell Army Air Field. Initially, it was reported that the military had found a “flying disk,” but the following day, the army changed its position.

They then asserted that the object that fell was a weather balloon rather than a “flying disk.” Wild conspiracy theories started to circulate, some of which even claimed that the debris had been carried to Area 51, where researchers continue to investigate aliens to this day.

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The United States Air Force acknowledged that the weather balloon tale was a hoax in 1994. Then, they claimed that it was in fact a component of Project Mogul. The idea was to develop a spy gadget that could detect soundwaves from a distance while floating over the USSR using balloons and microphones. Although the report provided an explanation and had the potential to dispel conspiracy ideas, it simply served to confirm suspicions that the administration had misled.

Many individuals were misled into thinking there was more going on by that falsehood. They refer to threats that travel between land, water, and the air as “trans medium” threats. The All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office, a new government organization to look into unusual occurrences, would be made possible by the budget.

While none of this is an acknowledgment of extraterrestrial life, it does call into question NASA’s customary denial of the notion. Perhaps additional footage will be released now that the government is considering the possibility of UFOS. The Pentagon can acknowledge that it has also participated in intelligence collection about these dangers.

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