ABC Owner Elon Musk Warns Whoopi Goldberg Has To Go or The View Gets Canceled

Controversy Rocks The View as New ABC Owner Elon Musk Threatens to Shake Up Popular Talk Show

Elon Musk Warns Whoopi Goldberg

In a stunning move, new ABC owner Elon Musk has reportedly demanded that long-time host Whoopi Goldberg be fired from the popular daytime talk show, The View, or risk having the entire show canceled.

According to sources close to Musk, the billionaire tech mogul was watching an episode of The View recently and was appalled by Goldberg’s comments about electric cars.

“She said something about them being ‘overrated’ and ‘not worth the investment,'” said one source. “That really set him off.”

In a statement released by ABC, Musk defended his decision, stating that “The View has been on the air for far too long, and it’s time for a change.

We need hosts who are more in tune with the future and who understand the importance of electric cars and space travel.”

Goldberg, who has been a co-host on The View since 2007, has not yet responded to Musk’s comments, but many fans of the show are outraged by the news.

“Whoopi is an icon, and she’s been a staple of The View for years,” said one viewer. “If they fire her, I’m done with the show.”

Others are more sympathetic to Musk’s position, arguing that he has a right to run the network as he sees fit. “He’s the owner, so he can do whatever he wants,” said one Twitter user. “If he thinks the show needs a shake-up, that’s his prerogative.”

Regardless of whether Musk’s ultimatum will ultimately result in Goldberg’s departure, one thing is clear: The View will never be the same again.

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Written by Alex Bruno

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