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  • NASA Artemis

    NASA calls off historic Artemis 1 launch to the Moon over engine problem

    After months of testing, debugging, and repairs, engineers fueled the Space Launch System moon rocket for Monday’s launch on NASA’s long-awaited Artemis 1 test flight, which will carry an unpiloted Orion crew capsule on a 42-day trek to the moon and back. Despite this, management was compelled to call a halt to the countdown after […] More

  • NASA Artemis 1



    NASA SLS moon rocket is all set to launch on a historic lunar journey

    The countdown for NASA SLS Space Launch System’s first flight, which is scheduled to take place on Monday and transport an unmanned Orion crew capsule around the moon and back, started ticking on Saturday. At 10:23 a.m. EDT, Charlie Blackwell-Thompson, the first female launch director for NASA, summoned her crew to their positions in Firing […] More

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    NASA Artemis moon rocket completes Wet Dress Rehearsal with one hiccup

    After a number of setbacks and failed efforts, NASA finally completed a wet dress rehearsal for the Space Launch System (SLS) on Monday. The SLS is the most powerful rocket in the agency’s arsenal. Even though the rehearsal wasn’t flawless, it was a significant step in the right direction for getting the SLS ready to […] More