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    ‘A remarkable achievement’: SpaceX achieves incredible feat of 3 launches in 36 hours

    SpaceX has accomplished three Falcon 9 launches in less than 36 hours, demonstrating the company’s commitment to increasing launch cadences in 2022. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said in February that the business’s objective was for “Falcon [to] launch around once a week” throughout the year, soon after a NASA oversight panelist disclosed that the company […] More

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    Pentagon studies use of SpaceX for rocket-deployed quick reaction force

    According to papers acquired by The Intercept via a Freedom of Information Act request, the Pentagon envisions a future in which Elon Musk’s rockets may deploy a “rapid response force” to foil a future Benghazi-style assault. In October 2020, the Pentagon’s U.S. Transportation Command, or USTRANSCOM, revealed that it was teaming up with Musk’s SpaceX […] More

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    SpaceX successfully launches US spy satellite on a reused Falcon 9 booster

    Early Sunday morning, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket successfully launched a secret National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) cargo into orbit, marking the company’s 14th mission so far this year. The launch occurred after a cloudy California launch. The rocket’s nine first-stage engines ignited with a burst of flame at 9:13 a.m. EDT (6:13 a.m. local time) […] More

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    NASA Delays Artemis I Moon Mission’s Final Major Test Once Again

    The Artemis I moon project, a groundbreaking effort to return humans to the lunar surface, has been beset by abrupt and unanticipated technical challenges during the past several days NASA. The “wet dress rehearsal,” a vital testing phase, has been ongoing since Friday. Cryogenic fuel loading on the Space Launch System rocket is one of […] More