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    Elon Musk: Neuralink brain chip will ‘save’ memories like photos and help paraplegics walk again

    Elon Musk has an uncanny ability to pull off seemingly impossible achievements. Musk is hell-bent on making history, from sending rockets into space to becoming the EV industry’s king. His most recent passion project is Neuralink, a firm working on a brain implant that would connect the human brain to computers directly. He says that […] More

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    Elon Musk thinks Metaverse sucks, says Neuralink will be better

    During this year, the digital environment, Metaverse, was created. However, according to Elon Musk, Neuralink is superior to Metaverse. In the Metaverse, Elon Musk, the creator of Neuralink, does not envisage a future where virtual reality headsets rule the roost. Metaverse is like a story that comes to life in a couple of months, and […] More