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    This is Bad News: NASA’s Lunar Landing has been delayed!

    It has been more than 50 years since any person has stepped foot on the moon but NASA has plans to alter that. Using a completely new rocket and capsule technology, the agency’s Artemis program hopes to deliver people to the moon’s south pole in the coming years. However, getting to this lofty aim has […] More

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    MIT researchers working on a legit flying car to explore the Moon!

    An entirely new design for a hovering robot is being tested by aerospace experts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Moon and other airless things like asteroids may build up an electric field through direct exposure to the sun and plasma since they have no atmosphere. Static electricity can cause a person’s hair to […] More

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    Problem with NASA’s SLS rocket pushed back the Artemis 1 mission to Spring 2022, causing a $3.2 Billion increase in its cost

    NASA’s return to the moon has been put on hold once again due to technical difficulties with the agency’s rocket. For its unmanned Artemis 1 mission around the moon and the maiden flight of its enormous Space Launch System (SLS) rocket, the agency is now aiming for a launch in March or April of 2022. […] More

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    Not just water, Pockets of frozen CO2 on the moon confirmed too

    According to the authors of new research, a lunar “treasure map” might lead explorers to frozen minerals on the moon, offering crucial elements for fuel and other necessities. A team of researchers used more than a decade of surface temperature data from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter to map out the moon’s “cold traps”—areas where the […] More