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    Tucker Carlson & Don Lemon Unite: Fired Foes Lawyered Up For A Legal Battle With Fox News

    In an astonishing development, Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon, two of the most prominent TV personalities from rival networks, have joined forces and lawyered up, hinting at a legal battle with Fox News following their recent termination. The unexpected partnership between Carlson, known for his conservative views on Fox News, and Lemon, a liberal commentator […] More

  • Tucker Carlson Lawsuit Against Fox News

    Just in: Tucker Carlson Files a Billion Dollar lawsuit against Fox News after getting fired

    In a shocking turn of events, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson has filed a billion-dollar lawsuit against his former employer after being fired from the network. According to sources close to Carlson, the lawsuit alleges that Fox News breached his contract by terminating his employment without cause. The suit also claims that Carlson was […] More