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    NASA reveals Plans to Destroy the International Space Station: De-orbit ISS in January 2031

    The International Space Station (ISS) is already in its third decade of advancing scientific knowledge, and experts throughout the globe are optimistic about what it may yet do. The station, however, will not remain indefinitely, and NASA has now issued a paper outlining its intentions to decommission the ISS. Of course, they can not simply […] More

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    NASA Warns: ‘We could permanently isolate the Russian Zarya module from the ISS’

    The Zarya module may be permanently disconnected from the International Space Station/NASA. In case of an emergency, the Russian Zvezda module is waiting for permanent isolation. If the crew is unable to stop the leak, NASA will take such action. NASA’s Director of the International Space Station Program, Robin Gatetens, made the announcement. He underlined […] More

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    Biden administration directs NASA to extend International Space Station operations through 2030

    While the news is not unexpected, nor does it address how to persuade all station partners, particularly Russia, to agree on its future, the Biden administration has announced that it supports continuing operations of the International Space Station until the end of this decade. According to a NASA announcement posted on the ISS blog on […] More