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Did the DOJ drop the Epstein Client list? Musk demands truth for the public

Wy DOJ isn’t leaking Epstein Client list? – Elon Musk

Elon must follow former President Trump’s sleeping pattern (that is, just a few hours a night). This is due to the fact that Musk still finds time to send out entirely irrelevant tweets while being the CEO of Tesla, Space X, and the Boring Firm, trying to acquire Twitter, managing the problems caused by Tesla’s factories in China and striving to establish a sizable battery manufacturing facility and solar panel company.

This was the situation this past weekend when he shared this gorgeous meme about the Epstein-Maxwell “little black book,” or a client list of folks who Epstein and Maxwell linked up with their child prostitutes: The fact that no one in the media is interested is the only thing more amazing than the DOJ not revealing the list. Isn’t that strange?

Elon then stated, in jest, “Sometimes I believe my list of opponents is too small, so…” before joking about his sharing of the meme, which is certain to anger many in the government and regime media.

After that, things got hot. This picture of Maxwell and Elon together was discovered by a Twitter user at a party, who tweeted it with the caption “I found one,” alluding to Ghislaine and Epstein’s customers.

Elon swiftly replied, pointing out the context of the picture and who was truly to blame for her being in his presence in the first place, saying:
You should ask them why they brought Maxwell to the @VanityFair Oscars party where she was photobombing me. The same folks who promote this picture make no mention of famous persons who visited his island a dozen times in reality. Very strangely, too

Elon Musk Epstein
Elon Musk and Jeffrey Epstein

Elon mentioned the Maxwell-Epstein customer list before as well. He also asked, “Where is their “customer” list?” at the beginning of May. Shouldn’t one of them be eliminated!? “ in response to a comment that pointed out that the absurd Will Smith tale received more attention than the “little black book.”

When asked why they were already writing about his suicide, he made a joke about the tweet and Epstein’s premature passing.

After Ghislaine’s counsel reached an agreement with the court, The Independent, a British newspaper, stated at the end of 2021 that the tiny black book would not be made public. The contents of Ghislaine Maxwell’s “little black book,” which includes the names and addresses of around 2,000 public figures and purported victims, will not be made public.

Over the weekend, Ms. Maxwell’s defense team and the prosecution reached an understanding not to make the 97-page directory public. In the same publication, it was said that the court withheld the book to prevent “needless namedropping,” adding:

Prior to the trial, Judge Alison Nathan had said that she did not want any “needless” names to be used.

The book, which had been referenced sometimes throughout her sex-trafficking trial, was crammed with the contact information of Ms. Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein’s well-known pals, including Prince Andrew and former US presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. Prince Andrew, Mr. Clinton, and other people identified in the directory have all refuted claims that they participated in any alleged sexual assault.

Source: TheAmericanTribune

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