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  • KId Rock Dylan Mulvaney
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    Just in: Dylan Mulvaney Sues Kid Rock For $100 Million Over Trans Can Shooting

    The recent wave of ‘wokeness’ and the politics surrounding it has manifested into numerous controversies, and today, another headline-grabbing event has unfolded. Dylan Mulvaney, a popular transgender activist, has reportedly filed a lawsuit against musician and outspoken conservative, Kid Rock, for a staggering sum of $100 million. The accusation? Kid Rock shooting cans of Bud […] More

  • Fox news Dylan Mulvaney
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    Just in: Fox News Restricts Dylan Mulvaney Criticism, Endorses Transgender Rights

    Recently, intriguing claims have been aired about the seemingly shifting ideological stance of Fox News, a network traditionally known for espousing conservative views. The Daily Signal, in an eye-opening report, suggests that Fox News might be subtly aligning itself with a more progressive agenda, one that is notably supportive of trans rights. The crux of […] More