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    NASA to unveil first color photos from James Webb Space Telescope

    Before the observatory starts scientific operations that will disclose the wonders of the cosmos, NASA is getting ready to demonstrate what the James Webb Space Telescope is capable of by releasing the first color photographs from the observatory. The telescope’s 6.5-meter mirror opened after it was launched on Christmas morning, and its tennis-court-sized sun shield […] More

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    NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope is now ready to take Test Images

    The first galaxies to develop after the Big Bang will be seen by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, but its equipment must first get very cold. Webb’s Mid-Infrared Instrument (MIRI), a NASA-ESA collaboration, attained its ultimate operational temperature of below 7 kelvins on April 7. (minus 447 degrees Fahrenheit, or minus 266 degrees Celsius). MIRI, […] More