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  • Elon Musk Instagram Down
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    Just in: Instagram Is Down Worldwide, All Thanks To Twitter Head Elon Musk?

    In an unprecedented event that has taken the digital world by storm, Instagram has gone down globally, and you’ll never guess who’s behind it – Twitter’s CEO, Elon Musk. This surprising situation unfolded, leaving Instagram users around the world in a lurch. What makes this incident all the more intriguing is the intertwined nature of […] More

  • Musk rejects Bud Light's marketing campaign
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    Just in: Elon Musk Rejects Bud Light’s $250M Twitter Marketing Campaign

    In an unprecedented twist that had Silicon Valley chortling into their kale smoothies, Twitter Kingpin and renowned space cowboy, Elon Musk, shrugged off Anheuser-Busch’s massive $250 million Bud Light marketing campaign like dandruff off a thrift store blazer. The news left the beer titan flatter than a week-old open beer can, while Twitter users gleefully […] More