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  • Target Boycott
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    Just in: Target Stock Hits 3-Year Low Amid Intensifying Boycott

    In a dramatic turn of events, Target Corporation, a retail heavyweight, saw its stock prices nosedive to a three-year low on Thursday, amid mounting public criticism over the company’s decision to sell Pride merchandise intended for children. The stock price plunged to an alarming $137.39 USD, a low that hasn’t been witnessed since August 2020. […] More

  • Target Woke Tuck Friendly
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    ‘Bud Light 2.0’: Target Boldly Leaps onto the ‘Woke’ Express with Groundbreaking ‘Tuck-Friendly’ Swimsuits

    In a dynamic retail landscape marked by cultural shifts, Target Corporation has recently stirred controversy among its conservative customers due to a new product: a female swimsuit touted for its “tuck-friendly” design and “extra crotch coverage.” This progressive initiative situates Target among the ranks of other forward-thinking brands such as Bud Light, Ford, Starbucks, and […] More