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  • Kohl's Wokeness
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    Kohl’s Encounters Intense Boycott Similar to Target Amid Controversy Over ‘Wokeness

    Kohl’s, a renowned retailer, has recently found itself in the crosshairs of public criticism and calls for a boycott due to its decision to sell LGBTQ+ themed apparel designed for infants. This controversy has ignited a fervor among consumers, exposing a broader societal divide over the issue of LGBTQ+ representation in the retail space. This […] More

  • Target Boycott
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    Just in: Target Stock Hits 3-Year Low Amid Intensifying Boycott

    In a dramatic turn of events, Target Corporation, a retail heavyweight, saw its stock prices nosedive to a three-year low on Thursday, amid mounting public criticism over the company’s decision to sell Pride merchandise intended for children. The stock price plunged to an alarming $137.39 USD, a low that hasn’t been witnessed since August 2020. […] More

  • Budwieser Elon Musk



    Budweiser Takes an $800 Million Hit Thanks To Elon Musk

    In a stunning turn of events, beer giant Budweiser suffered a massive financial loss of $800 million in just one day, thanks to none other than Twitter CEO Elon Musk. The trouble began when Musk took to Twitter to share a meme that mocked the beer brand’s advertising slogan, “King of Beers.” The meme featured […] More