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  • Cadance Owens Lia Thomas


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    Candace Owens Goes Nuclear: Lia Thomas Should Be Banned From Women’s Sports

    Candace Owens, the political commentator who never shies away from a controversial statement, has once again ignited a firestorm of debate. This time, it’s over the increasingly polarizing figure of Lia Thomas, the transgender swimmer making waves both in and out of the pool. Owens’s position? Thomas should be banned from women’s sports. Owens, a […] More

  • LIA Thomas Riley Gaines Lawsuit
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    TRUE: Riley Gaines Reaches $5 Million Settlement in Lawsuit with Lia Thomas

    Legal battles often mirror the intrigue and drama of a Hollywood thriller, and the recent settlement between Riley Gaines and Lia Thomas is no exception. The clash between these two prominent figures has captured the attention of the public, shedding light on the complexities of personal rights, responsibility, and the price of resolution. The saga […] More

  • Megan Rapinoe Lia Thomas Support
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    Breaking: Lia Thomas Stands Firmly Behind Megan Rapinoe

    In the world of sports, unexpected alliances often create headlines, and the recent meeting of Lia Thomas and Megan Rapinoe was no exception. It seemed like a match made in the annals of public relations heaven as the transgender swimmer and the renowned soccer star stood side by side, with tears and declarations of unwavering […] More