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    Why Elon Musk is facing a $258 Billion Lawsuit?

    After being accused of operating a “pyramid scheme,” Elon Musk is presently being sued for much more than he is worth. On June 16, a lawsuit was filed in Manhattan against the world’s wealthiest man, demanding $258 billion in damages. It is estimated that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has a net worth of $212.5 billion, […] More

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    Elon Musk: Tesla is setting up a ‘Hardcore litigation’ team made up of ‘Streetfighters’

    Elon Musk is on a vendetta. In the wake of the “Elongate” incident, Tesla’s CEO has announced the creation of a “hardcore litigation department” that would start and prosecute cases directly. Musk will have direct control over the team. Musk pledged to the incoming lawsuit team the following: (1) We will never seek victory in […] More