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  • Target Lost 10 Billion
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    Target Going Bankrupt: Has Lost Almost $10 Billion This Week

    In a surprising turn of events, retail giant Target finds itself in a precarious financial situation, grappling with declining sales and mounting losses. The company’s recent foray into the realm of transgender children’s clothing has sparked a backlash from some conservative groups and triggered a wave of controversy. As the dust settles, Target’s financial woes […] More

  • North Face Goes Woke
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    Following Bud Light: North Face Goes Ultra Woke, Partners With Drag Queen Reviving the “Summer of Pride”

    In a year filled with heated debates surrounding companies embracing social causes, one might assume it would be prudent to reconsider pride-related initiatives. Yet, outdoor apparel company The North Face has chosen to disregard the warning signs and fully embrace the spirit of celebration, akin to the Bud Light controversy. Drag queen Pattie Gonia recently […] More

  • Companies Woke Bud Light
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    Following Bud Light, These Four Companies Have Gone Full ‘Woke’

    As concerned citizens, we’ve witnessed the strong response to Bud Light’s misguided support of a far-reaching trans rights movement, which left many traditional consumers feeling disregarded. The debacle, which involved their collaboration with Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender TikTok activist, led to a significant backlash that still reverberates in the corporate world. For those who have […] More