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  • Nike Woke
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    Just in: Nike Joins The Woke Club, Partners With Dylan Mulvaney

    Nike, the titan of the athletic wear world, renowned for its attention-grabbing marketing maneuvers and high-profile partnerships, has taken another bold step towards embedding itself within the cultural conversation. The company has stoked the fires of discussion and debate by ushering in Dylan Mulvaney, an activist widely recognized for advocating transgender rights on TikTok, to […] More

  • Bud Light crisis
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    Just in: Major Bank Downgrades Anheuser-Busch Stocks Amid Bud Light Crisis

    HSBC, the banking and financial service leviathan, recently put Anheuser-Busch under the microscope, and the prognosis wasn’t particularly cheerful. The beer brewing giant was downgraded amid growing concerns over what’s being dubbed as the “Bud Light crisis.” Carlos Laboy, HSBC’s analyst, had a cold pint of reality to serve, suggesting that the beverage stock has […] More

  • ELon Musk Anheuser Busch

    Anheuser Busch Terminates Marketing Team Following Criticism from Twitter CEO Elon Musk

    St. Louis, MO – Anheuser Busch, the beer giant behind popular brands such as Budweiser and Michelob Ultra, has fired its entire marketing department after a series of tweets from Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Musk, known for his controversial statements on Twitter, took aim at Anheuser Busch’s advertising strategies, calling them “stale” and “outdated.” He […] More