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    The Mulvaney Effect: Anheuser-Busch Loses $15.7 Billion Since The Wokeness Started

    In the ever-evolving marketplace, maintaining a brand’s relevance requires a continuous readjustment of strategy. Bud Light recently found this out the hard way. The brewing giant decided to bet it all on influencers Dylan Mulvaney and Alissa Heinerschneid in a bid to reposition the brand away from its perceived ‘fratty’, out-of-touch image. However, just six […] More

  • Fox news Dylan Mulvaney
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    Just in: Fox News Restricts Dylan Mulvaney Criticism, Endorses Transgender Rights

    Recently, intriguing claims have been aired about the seemingly shifting ideological stance of Fox News, a network traditionally known for espousing conservative views. The Daily Signal, in an eye-opening report, suggests that Fox News might be subtly aligning itself with a more progressive agenda, one that is notably supportive of trans rights. The crux of […] More