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  • Chiefs Refuse to Kneel
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    Breaking: Following Travis Kelce’s Lead, Chiefs Unanimously Refuse To Kneel During Anthem

    In the roaring world of professional football, where the spotlight usually shines on touchdowns, tactics, and towering athletes, there’s a new narrative taking center stage. The act of kneeling during the National Anthem has transcended from a personal statement to a team-wide declaration. It has often been debated if a silent protest during a pre-game […] More

  • Andy Reid Travis Kelce
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    BREAKING: Andy Reid Tells Chiefs to Kneel, But Travis Kelce Chooses to Stand

    The National Football League has long been a platform where players and coaches alike have expressed their socio-political stances, often generating waves of debates and discussions. The recent directive by Kansas City Chiefs’ head coach Andy Reid has only added fuel to this ever-burning fire. In a move that shocked many, Reid instructed his team […] More