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    Breaking: Megan Rapinoe and Whoopi Goldberg Kicked Off From The View

    In a startling turn of events that has left both viewers and the media world in shock, Megan Rapinoe and Whoopi Goldberg have been reportedly ousted from their positions on the popular daytime talk show “The View.” The dramatic development comes in the wake of Whoopi Goldberg’s controversial decision to invite Megan Rapinoe, the prominent […] More

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    ‘She Disrespect The US’: Franklin Graham Bashes Megan Rapinoe After Failure At World Cup

    In a match that left fans both disappointed and relieved, the United States Women’s National Soccer team made an unceremonious exit from the Women’s World Cup on Sunday, following a lackluster showdown against Sweden. The game’s sole goal emerged during a shootout finale that showcased not one, but three missed penalty kicks from the American […] More

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    Just in: Alyssa Milano Gets Humiliated by Elon Musk on Twitter

    Hollywood actress and political activist, Alyssa Milano, suffered a humiliating defeat on social media after engaging in a Twitter battle with tech billionaire and Twitter head, Elon Musk. The feud began when Milano criticized Musk for his recent tweet about the COVID-19 pandemic, in which he claimed that the virus was not as dangerous as […] More