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“Your brain is too small”: Elon Musk and Rep. Adam schiff spar on Twitter

You have a little brain. Adam Schiff and Elon Musk argue on Twitter in a heated exchange.

After California Democrat Adam Schiff was insulted by billionaire Elon Musk for losing his committee chairmanship, Schiff responded with a brilliant troll, referring to Musk as “the (outgoing) CEO of Twitter” in a new tweet.

The majority of people, who responded to Musk’s earlier this week-created Twitter poll wondering whether he should “stand down as head of Twitter”,  voted “yes” as of Monday morning.

Following his decision to reverse a rule that terminated accounts for connecting to competitor social networking platforms, Musk said that he would follow the poll’s findings.

Despite the fact that Musk hasn’t publicly announced any intentions to retire, insiders told CNBC’s David Faber that Twitter is actively looking for a new CEO. Before the Twitter poll was created, they informed Faber that a search for a new CEO was already underway.

As the 2020 presidential election approaches, a series of conversations between Twitter’s top team were leaked in the “Twitter files,” which Musk has since proceeded to make additional postings about.

The allegedly stolen communications provided insight into the political arguments that emerged on Twitter as its administrators debated how to manage the release of a New York Post article about the material of a laptop owned by attorney and President Joe Biden’s son.

Musk commented on another article regarding the “Twitter files,” in which it was stated that federal investigative and intelligence organizations “discredited factual evidence about Hunter Biden’s international business connections” before and after The New York Post published its piece, which was condemned for poor reporting.

Later, Schiff flipped Musk’s tweet around by adding he doesn’t agree with either “restriction” or “hate speech.”

At the time, Schiff criticized Musk for claiming to be a “absolutist” of free speech while ignoring the “hate and bigotry” that were rife on the social media site. Schiff also accused Musk of hypocrisy for banning the accounts of numerous well-known journalists.

Unrepentantly, Musk reacted immediately thereafter, expressing joy that the Democrats would lose power of the House of Representatives come January, and he rejoiced in the fact that Schiff will lose his chairmanship “pretty soon” before asserting that Schiff’s “brain is too little.” Musk also claimed that the Democrats will lose control of the Senate come February.

Schiff criticized Musk’s management approach when the billionaire removed numerous well-known journalists from Twitter, including CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan, Ryan Mac of The New York Times, Drew Harwell of The Washington Post, and others who had been covering the Twitter crises that have plagued the company ever since Musk bought it.

Even though he hasn’t shown any proof that as one of the wealthiest men in the world and a prominent public person, Musk, he is in any genuine danger, Musk claimed the reporters broke his new “doxxing” policy by releasing his “precise real-time” position. He claimed that this was equivalent to giving “assassination coordinates.”

The majority of people who responded when Musk subsequently surveyed the Twitter community on the subject of the banned journalists’ accounts being reactivated said that it should happen “immediately.” Musk tried to conduct another poll, but the results remained the same. As a consequence, he respected the findings and unfroze the accounts that had been suspended.

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