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SpaceX’s new website now allows you to donate a Starlink Dish to Ukraine or Iran

Although access to the satellite internet service has been requested in Iran and Ukraine, there is no direct way to donate a Starlink dish to those countries.

Through a brand-new “Starlink Donation” webpage from SpaceX, you may now sponsor a Starlink dish for a philanthropic purpose.

The website was surreptitiously launched by the firm weeks after SpaceX CEO Elon Musk suggested including a “donate” option in the main Starlink service, which can provide high-speed satellite internet to distant and rural areas.

According to the brand-new website, “The Starlink team often gets requests to offer connection for communities throughout the world. The Starlink team will allocate your gift to the areas with the highest need in telemedicine, disaster preparedness, and humanitarian initiatives.

Starlink Donation

The website adds that one of SpaceX’s goals in using Starlink to aid humanitarian operations is to offer satellite internet to Ukraine.

Users have the option of choosing from four philanthropic causes—education, telemedicine, emergency preparedness, or humanitarian efforts—or letting SpaceX choose one for them.


They may then decide to contribute a single $599 Starlink dish and pay for a yearly internet plan for a total of $1,919 for a full year of service. Additionally, users have the option to donate for two or three years of Starlink service.

The website doesn’t specify which groups or nations your gift will support, however.

Therefore, there is no direct way to deliver a dish to Iran, where the government has been limiting internet access to quell local demonstrations, or to Ukraine, which has been dependent on Starlink to provide internet access to the war-torn nation.

Additionally, according to the company’s FAQ on the donation site, “the team may assign your gift to one of the other specified categories at Starlink’s discretion depending on variables such as need or volume. Additionally, if a community or organization currently utilizing Starlink is in need, Starlink may utilize your gift to continue or expand services for them.

As a result, by creating the contribution website, SpaceX is also creating a philanthropic fund to distribute Starlink dishes. According to the FAQ, “Starlink will offer an annual assessment of how funds were utilized to connect communities and organizations worldwide.”

The website suggests ordering Starlink RV, a dish that may be used in numerous places without geo-restrictions in supported countries if customers want to give a Starlink dish to a particular cause on behalf of the organization.

The fundraising website was launched after SpaceX informed the Pentagon that it could no longer finance Starlink connectivity in Ukraine without additional money that may total hundreds of millions of dollars.

Starlink Donate

Later, SpaceX said that it had changed its mind regarding the financing request, but concerns about the firm shutting off Starlink connectivity in Ukraine despite claims of disruptions continue. CNN reports that discussions on obtaining the funds are still ongoing between SpaceX and the US Defense Department.

Source: PCMAG

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