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SpaceX debuts Starlink land mobility service for RVs and moving vehicles

The new Starlink dish kit provides service on “any movable land object.”

According to a Tuesday press release from SpaceX, Starlink service for RVs and other mobile land vehicles will begin in December. According to the order website, a new flat, high-performance terminal for in-motion usage costs $2,500. The cost of the typical terminal is $599. Monthly service costs $135.

According to SpaceX, the high-performance terminal is resistant to extreme conditions and may be permanently deployed on a vehicle. However, SpaceX Chief Engineer Elon Musk stated that the service would function on any moving land item. The business is promoting the service for RVs, and the accompanying photographs show Starlink terminals placed on RVs.

Select markets may presently purchase and utilize Starlink RV, with delivery starting in December.

SpaceX Starlink RV
SpaceX debuts Starlink RV service. Photo: SpaceX

“With the new Flat High-Performance Starlink, customers may access fast, lag-free internet while moving about. The Flat High-Performance Starlink can connect to more satellites because of its broad field of vision and improved GPS capabilities, enabling reliable communication wherever it is needed, according to the manufacturer.

There are now five distinct service categories offered by Starlink: residential, commercial, RV (mobile), marine, and aviation. Starlink Aviation was only introduced by SpaceX last week. According to the company, the service will be able to offer up to 350 Mbps to each jet via a discrete aero terminal.

Source: SatelliteToday

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Written by Alex Bruno

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