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Remaining Twitter staff warns: ‘Twitter will be dead within a week’

Twitter headquarters have been shuttered and all employees are locked out after a mass exodus of workers.

Employees are apparently quitting in droves at Twitter, and those who are still working there are reportedly warning that it won’t be long until the company is “dead.”

What the earth is going on with the website that was just a few short weeks ago valued (at least by Musk) at $44 billion?

This past week, Elon Musk presented his staff with an impossible choice: either they commit to “hardcore” Twitter and “long hours at high intensity” or they are free to quit the firm and get severance pay.

It seems that hundreds of workers, including many of the engineers in charge of keeping the site operational, who avoided being laid off during the initial wave of 3,500 layoffs, have decided to take the risk and quit the firm.

The company’s work schedules have already undergone major adjustments thanks to the world’s wealthiest man, who mandated that everyone work from the office unless they had his express permission.

He informed staff that remote work was no longer permitted unless there was a particular exemption. The exception lists will be sent to me by the managers for assessment and approval.

That directive was a little challenging since he shut down the offices on Thursday. The decision to close the offices until Monday, according to the managing editor of Platformer, was made out of concern that departing personnel may tamper with the platform.

“Twitter just informed staff that all office buildings are temporarily locked and badge access is stopped as of right now. No explanation has been provided as to why,” Schiffer said on Twitter, adding that staff members have been requested to adhere to the Twitter policy of not sharing sensitive corporate information with the media or on social media.

We have heard that Elon Musk and his colleagues are concerned that workers may ruin the business. Additionally, they are still attempting to determine which Twitter employees need to have access blocked.

Although staff won’t have access to HQ until Monday, according to Verge editor Alex Heath, many of them still have access to Twitter services.

Heath posted on Twitter that “hundreds and thousands of Twitter workers have formally left the company but continue to have access to Twitter’s internal systems,” with others assuming that this is because the staff members in charge of controlling that access also left the company.

In the next weeks and months, engineers from both within and outside of Twitter have issued warnings.

Twitter site reliability engineer Ben Krueger told MIT Technology Review that major issues might arise when the service experiences high quantities of traffic, such as during significant news events.

Larger interruptions may occur when your site reliability team is understaffed and your attention is diverted to new features. The engineer predicted that when the breaks increase, the facility would ultimately become “unusable.”

He said that the fatigue and overwork of the engineers will exacerbate this issue.

Since many people on the website speculated, made jokes, and generally talked about its doom last night, users have been experiencing more website failures, which may be related to increased traffic.

The timing of predictions regarding the social media juggernaut’s death has advanced. The website “has approximately a week left until it’s gone,” according to one of its lone surviving staffers, who spoke to Newsweek writer Travis Akers.

Source: iFLScience

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