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“Quite fascinating”: Mark Zuckerberg weighs in on Elon Musk’s Twitter tactics

“Quite fascinating” – Zuckerberg said.

Elon Musk, the CEO of rival social networking site Twitter, has received criticism for his approach to content filtering from Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. He thought the strategy was “quite fascinating.”

CNBC revealed that the remarks were made during the DealBook Summit in November of last year.

Musk and Twitter haven’t been out of the spotlight for very long since Musk took control of the social media platform in October 2022. Since owning the social media behemoth, Twitter, Musk, who is also the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has drawn both acclaim and scorn for his transformation of the platform.

What was said by Zuckerberg about Musk’s Twitter tactics?

It was stated that Zuckerberg said, when asked what he thinks of Musk’s content filtering practices, “it’s going to be extremely fascinating to watch how this plays out in terms of the measures he’s taking.”

Facebook co-founder and CEO of Meta remarked, “I would anticipate that not everything is going to succeed, but I believe certain things may work.”

During his time at the DealBook Summit, Mark Zuckerberg took some time to reflect on the various methods of content moderation used by his own business, Meta, in comparison to those utilized by other social media sites, such as Twitter.

We established an oversight board for our content choices because, according to him, “I tend to believe that I don’t want one individual or one corporation making those judgments.”

A lot has changed at Twitter

Musk has profoundly altered Twitter’s business procedures after purchasing the social media network for $44 billion in October 2022.

The employees and working culture of Twitter have undergone significant change as a result of Musk’s transformation strategy. The large tech CEO announced intentions to lay off 75% of Twitter’s workers soon after taking over the social media network, and he fired CEO Parag Agrawal within a month of that announcement.

Additionally, Musk urged that Twitter staff either put in more effort and longer hours or quit the firm. The practice of remote working, which has risen in popularity since the outbreak, was outlawed.

Since taking charge, Musk has worked to implement a more lenient approach to content management, building on his reputation as a champion of free speech in the run-up to the Twitter purchase.

The current chief executive officer of Twitter made the announcement in November of the previous year that there would be an “amnesty” for suspended Twitter accounts. In the same month, Musk also decided to revoke Donald Trump’s ban on the site in response to an online survey.

Is Twitter having issues?

There have been challenges and controversy surrounding Musk’s takeover of Twitter. During the month of December 2022, officials in San Francisco began looking into claims that Twitter workers were staying in company housing.

As a result of suspending certain journalistic Twitter accounts in the same month, Musk came under fire. CNN referred to the bans as “impulsive and unwarranted,” while Musk argued that the targeted accounts had been suspended for security reasons.

Musk tweeted at the time, “Criticizing me all day is perfectly OK, but doxxing my real-time whereabouts and putting my family in danger is not.”

Musk also asked the internet in December whether he should step down as Twitter CEO, and the results were published publicly. He should step down, according to around 56% of Twitter users, while he should keep on, according to about 43%.

Musk subsequently said he would step down once he found a replacement “foolish enough to do the job.”

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