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Just in: Rosie O’Donnell is the Latest Lefty to Take a Shot at Elon Musk

Rosie O’Donnell is the Most Recent Leftist to Criticise Elon Musk.

The left is showing up in droves thanks to Elon Musk. Rosie O’Donnell, a longtime foe of Donald Trump, has most recently come out of her essential oil cacoon.

The ailing comic tried to capitalize on Musk’s fame despite the fact that she hasn’t been active recently.

O’Donnell referred to Musk as a “man-child” and a “c*nt,” adding that Musk’s whole “spiel” is designed to get attention for itself.

He’s ready to see a significant social media network deteriorate into the next Truth Social, where idiots spread illogical conspiracy ideas widely.

With that statement, she very certainly termed Donald Trump and Elon Musk “morons.” In order to have it checked for hidden coding, we forwarded it to McKinley and Schuster.

Musk instantly retaliated by blocking O’Donnell and removing all of her previous posts. He left us a message stating, “Free speech is what’s essential, it doesn’t matter who says it, as long as it’s free and as long as it’s truthful.”

Although I can’t decide what is true, there are occasions when I can. Rosie is permanently gone.

It seems that Mr. Musk is in charge of the situation once again. As usual, the cosmos functions more efficiently when guys like him are in charge.

NOTE: This is a Satire-Article. The original owner/source of the article is mentioned below. We hope you enjoyed it, LOL


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Written by Alex Bruno

Freelance space writer Alex Bruno specializes in covering China's quickly expanding space industry. In 2021, he started writing for SpaceXMania. He also contributes to publications including SpaceNews, IEEE Spectrum, National Geographic, Sky & Telescope, and New Scientist. When Alex was a small child, he first experienced the space bug after seeing Voyager photographs of alien planets in our solar system. When not in space, Alex likes to go trail jogging in the Finnish countryside.

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