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Just in: Elon Musk to resign as the CEO of Twitter

Musk says he’ll leave his position as CEO of Twitter once a successor is found.

Elon Musk said on Wednesday that he would step down as Twitter CEO as soon as a replacement is identified. In a tweet, Musk claimed, “As soon as I discover someone who is naive enough to accept the position of CEO, I will resign from my position.” “After that, I’ll be solely in charge of the software and server teams.”

Musk took to Twitter on Monday to gauge user opinion on whether he should resign from his position as Twitter Inc.’s CEO. He stated, “Should I resign as Twitter’s CEO?” “I’ll follow the results of this survey.” 57.5 percent of respondents voted yes in the poll’s findings. Only 43% of Twitter users want Musk to lead the company.

Musk is aggressively seeking a successor for his position, according to sources cited by CNBC on Tuesday. On Monday, Musk responded to a tweet by saying, “The position of true Twitter lifeguard is not one that anybody wants.” There isn’t an heir apparent.”

Musk had said the previous month that he did not want to work as the CEO of any firm, including Twitter and Tesla. As Tesla stock plummets, the billionaire is dealing with a number of problems, including calls for him to be banned from Twitter and other social media.

The CEO of Tesla is also attempting to increase the number of Twitter shareholders at the original $54.20 per share price, which was the price at which he paid $44 billion for the firm.

Who’d be Twitter Successor?

Musk is rumored to be hiring someone to run Twitter with the same goal of letting people express different points of view, which used to be against the rules.

Musk, though, said on Sunday that the search was not proceeding as planned. He remarked in a tweet, “The difficulty is not finding a CEO, the question is finding a CEO who can keep Twitter alive.” He was referring to the position of chief executive officer. There isn’t a replacement.

Overall, Musk has performed well. We described this earlier in the week: “Elon Musk’s control has had its share of problems.” The verification procedure, which lets anybody pay $8 for a blue check, is still cumbersome. But he undoubtedly made the platform better.

Among the accounts he unbanned were those of The Babylon Bee, Dr. Robert Malone, and Project Veritas.

“From the instant responses of left-wing doxxers to the most recent survey, he has given users the power to make executive choices.

Twitter 2.0 is better than a social media platform that, according to the Twitter Files, “colluded with the government, interfered in a presidential election, shadowbanned users for their ideas, and worked as an arm for the DNC and FBI.” Whoever he leaves in his place, let’s hope they continue to go forward.

Another issue for the Tesla owner

His poll was released at the same time as the most recent scandal, which focused on a rule that barred users from connecting to several rival social media platforms. Mastodon, Instagram, and Facebook were among these websites.

After that, Twitter immediately reversed the policy. “Going forward, there will be a vote to amend the policies significantly.” I apologize. He said, “It won’t happen again.”

Source: Outkick, AS, Business Standard

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