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Just in: Elon Musk Restores Power to Millions of Texans After Biden Ignored Them

Elon Musk Steps In: Tesla CEO Takes Action to Address Texas Power Outages While Government Officials Remain Inactive

Elon Musk, a leading figure in the energy and electric vehicle industries, recently left the communist sanctuary of California to take advantage of Texas’ independence and liberty.

This week, terrible winter storms pounded Musk’s new home state, knocking off electricity to millions. Elon Musk stayed in Texas and used his considerable wealth to help restore electricity after others had abandoned it.

Musk gave an instant remedy for the issue to engineers at his new energy facility in Austin. They acted quickly out of concern for their employees, and within hours they had developed a solution that not only provided the state with energy but also secured its southern border.

The electricity grid was built up and connected to a number of treadmills. With the words “ENTRE AQUI” flashing in joyful hues, large billboards were mounted toward Mexico.

Mexicans swarmed in droves as soon as Musk turned on the generator. Hours passed as they walked and ran without realizing they were never getting any closer to the promised land of toil for pennies on the dollar.

When one group became weary, another stepped up and eventually, Six Flags was back up and running.

“I’ve moved to Texas. When a Texan faces a challenge of Texas proportions, the answer must be Texas proportional as well. Keep in mind the a la mode, or something similar. Yes indeed.

This is the newest citizen of the Beto O’Rourke State, and he has some proud things to say about his new home. Not just the state of Texas, but even its competitor, Oklahoma, are already feeling the effects of his influence.

The Sooner State is still without electricity, and Elon Musk has been petitioned to provide his recently discovered power solution to their state. Musk said, “Hell no,” in typical Texas flair, to Oklahoma. I’m now a Texan. You should seek out your own billionaire investor.

NOTE: This is a Satire-Article. The original owner/source of the article is mentioned below. We hope you enjoyed it, LOL


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Written by Alex Bruno

Freelance space writer Alex Bruno specializes in covering China's quickly expanding space industry. In 2021, he started writing for SpaceXMania. He also contributes to publications including SpaceNews, IEEE Spectrum, National Geographic, Sky & Telescope, and New Scientist. When Alex was a small child, he first experienced the space bug after seeing Voyager photographs of alien planets in our solar system. When not in space, Alex likes to go trail jogging in the Finnish countryside.

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