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‘I had no choice’: Elon Musk defends Twitter layoffs

Elon Musk claims that since the firm is “losing $4 million per day,” Twitter has “no option” but to make thousands of layoffs.

Elon Musk spoke openly about his decision to terminate hundreds of Twitter workers just a few days after buying the business.

Musk tweeted on Saturday, November 5, 2022, that the firm was facing a significant financial loss and that he had “no option” but to make this decision.

He stated, “Unfortunately, there is no option when the corporation is losing over $4M/day about Twitter’s decrease in force. Severance packages were issued to all departing employees for three months, which is double the minimum severance pay in most states.

The New York Times said that insiders with knowledge of the situation said Musk intended to let go of around half of Twitter’s 7,500 workers. In response to the news, the CEO of Tesla used the recently acquired social networking site to express his position.

According to reports, the staff members were instructed to stay at home and wait for an email regarding their futures with the firm.

Musk tweeted on Friday, November 4, 2022, “Twitter has suffered a big reduction in income owing to activist organizations pressing advertisers, even though nothing has changed with content filtering and we done all we could to pacify the protestors.” Really screwed up! They’re attempting to end free expression in the United States.

Several workers swiftly rushed to launch a class action lawsuit on Thursday on behalf of Twitter staff in federal court in San Francisco in reaction to the action, according to NPR.

According to the lawsuit, Twitter is firing employees without providing them with enough notice in violation of both Californian and federal employment laws. According to the outlet, large layoffs must be announced at least 60 days in advance under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, or WARN.

However, Liss-Riordan subsequently revealed that workers will get a three-month severance package, which Musk later reiterated in a tweet.

Source: TheNews

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