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“Food was terrible”: Genius PS3 hacker hired by Elon Musk to “fix” Twitter Quits

‘Feel free to ban me’ – Prolific hacker George Hotz

After barely one month on the job, George Hotz, a once-well-known PlayStation 3 hacker, left his internship at Twitter. The developer, who goes by the handle “geohot,” first committed to a 12-week Twitter role when the firm saw widespread layoffs. He hoped to contribute his programming skills wherever they were needed.

Since the billionaire gained control of Twitter in an uncommonly public way due to his own posts, Elon Musk’s account has struggled. Before many of the current conflicts, George Hotz, a well-known hacker who is credited for jailbreaking iOS devices and accessing the PlayStation 3, was welcomed to Twitter.

Not long after Musk announced that humor would be permitted again on Twitter, the company was dealing with backlash over the policy change regarding parody accounts.

Hotz announced his departure on social media earlier this week, saying he “didn’t believe there was any actual influence I could make there.” He continued, saying, “It was terrible to watch my GitHub die,” before saying that he planned to resume his previous programming efforts.

The action was taken after Twitter set contentious guidelines for sharing advertisements with rival social media platforms.

Hotz was spotted hosting a few “Spaces,” a feature that allows users to hold live audio discussions on the site, just before the software engineer quit Twitter. Musk was questioned about the difficulties he had with engineers when they discussed the code base and revenue alternatives for Twitter. This may have been the last straw for Hotz.

One Space witnessed Musk become more frustrated as he tried to explain Twitter’s technology, labeling a developer who pressed him for clarification a “jackass.” Josh Sawyer, who was the lead on the newly published “Pentiment” quotation and the studio design director at Obsidian Entertainment, posted a clip of Musk acting in this fashion and said that the programmers he had worked with could “*always* express challenges at a high and low level.”

Sawyer went on to say, “It cannot be underlined enough that this man genuinely has no clue what he’s doing,” and the widespread praise for Pentiment proves that the Obsidian veteran is right.

Regarding Twitter, Musk recently conducted a poll on his account, asking followers and users whether he should resign. Despite the outcome favoring his doing so, he has not yet resigned or named a replacement and is still in operation.

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Written by Alex Bruno

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