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Elon Musk’s mother asks everyone to ‘stop being mean to him’ after Twitter takeover

The mother of the richest man in the world, Maye Musk, has urged the Tesla and SpaceX founder’s detractors to “stop being mean” to him after he came under fire for how he handled the recently acquired Twitter.

Elon Musk’s mother is defending her “genius” son and pleading with people to be more kind to him, just like any decent mother would.

In the third episode of The Elon Musk Show, Maye Musk, 74, sat down with BBC to discuss her son’s aim to advance mankind via his businesses, SpaceX, Tesla, and now Twitter.

Musk stated, “I’m proud to report that my intelligent kid, my genius son, is in charge of SpaceX and Tesla.”

Musk said that when her son was a young child, she considered him to be a genius.

We appreciate him for that, she said, but we don’t want to be like him since he receives a lot of backlash from those corporations.

Elon’s mother continued by pleading with others, particularly those working in the media, to “stop being rude to him.”

Elon received strong online criticism when he filed his offer to buy Twitter earlier this year. That criticism hasn’t subsided since getting the platform in October.

People continued to make fun of Elon despite her pleas for them to be kind to her kid.

Elon seems to be acquainted with the hatred at this stage and may even know how to manage it. He makes fun of critics a lot. Maye Musk sticks by her son despite this hostility.

She attended the Met Gala with Elon, called out a Twitter user for making fun of her kid earlier this year, and corrects her son when he misbehaves.

A YouTuber is trying to hug Elon Musk for a month and Maye Musk isn’t happy about it

Fifi Panayiotou, a 26-year-old who goes by the moniker “Fidias,” has created a number of bizarre yet ambitious movies in an effort to catch Elon Musk, the newest CEO of Twitter, by surprise.

After his most recent video in the series, which is often captioned “Day x of attempting to give Elon Musk a hug,” the series has recently gained a lot of attention.

The YouTuber published a video in the shorts area of his channel outlining how he asked his followers to bombard Elon’s mother’s social media accounts with messages informing her son of the desires of the creator.

The plan backfired, nonetheless, because Musk’s mother used her Twitter account to denounce the spam remarks and warn his son of the creator’s outbursts.

Fifi then apologized to the lady for his behavior, which caused her discomfort.

Has Elon Musk addressed Fidias’ joke?

A Tweet forbidding Elon from contacting the YouTuber was made on Maye Musk’s account after Fidias pushed his fans to bombard her with comments on Instagram in an effort to attract his son’s attention.

Elon Musk replied to his mother’s tweet with the emoji “hug,” suggesting that he has no plans to see Fidias.

Maye Musk also posted a few more tweets about her negative encounter. After an hour, she tweeted again in response to one of Fidias’ admirers who was attempting to explain his objective. She said in response:

“Has he requested that all of his fans spam the moms of the other 99 celebrities? None of them, in my opinion, would have agreed to it. I have not found this to be amusing.”

In her third and last tweet about the circumstance, Maye claimed that the YouTuber’s followers had been threatening her. She wrote:

“Now, his Instagram followers are threatening me. Please keep @Fidias0 away from my kid. Thanks🙏 Now that all 99 other celebrities’ moms have been contacted, FIDIAS may invite his fans to spam them. Are you okay with it, @MrBeast?”

According to the tweet that Maye was responding to, Fidias has apparently left the area around Space X where he had set up shop.

The 26th video in the series, the most recent from the YouTuber’s channel, served as an update video for the whole drama. It’s uncertain whether he’ll make a comeback with a fresh installment of the same series.

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