Elon Musk will likely lose the ongoing Twitter Lawsuit: Here’s why

Legal Expert Claims Elon Musk Will Very Likely Lose the Twitter Lawsuit

The Twitter-Musk legal dispute is becoming more serious. The biggest billionaire in the world, Elon Musk, has suddenly terminated the $44 billion purchase agreement with the largest social media company, Twitter, citing Peiter Zatkos’ allegations that the bot data was not disclosed.

Twitter is responding by stating that data scientists working for Musk could not back up their boss’s assertion about the bots. Musk had previously argued that Twitter had supplied incorrect statistics on bots and that the actual number of false accounts was far greater.

This development was made public before the trial’s October start date. According to Fox journalist Charles Gasparino, Twitter has a reasonable probability of winning the Chancery court’s decision.

Elon Musk Twitter
Elon Musk and Twitter

He said that Musk has little chance of succeeding in the litigation and that Arbs should reject the accusations made by the bot whistleblower.

Musk’s team is accused of misconduct by Twitter

The attorneys for Twitter reportedly informed a Delaware court that the records they obtained through discovery showed Musk employed two distinct advisors. On Twitter, the number of spam accounts was estimated by Cyabra and CounterAction.

While CounterAction said that there are 5% spam accounts on Twitter, Cyabra’s research indicated that there are 11% spam accounts there. It is said that Musk received this information a day before he broke the agreement. Twitter, though, has challenged the consultants’ techniques.

Twitter has asked the court to order Musk to submit additional information about the data scientists’ findings in order to shed more light on the situation. In the last two months, attorneys have said that Musk’s team has been stalling and hindering the legal process; Musk’s attorneys dispute these allegations.

Due to Musk’s behavior and refusal to provide signal messages, Twitter has asked the court to impose penalties against him.

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