Elon Musk at FIFA World cup

Elon Musk was spotted in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup final

Elon Musk was reportedly seen in Qatar for the final of the World Cup.

In Doha, the once-wealthiest man in the world was seen making his way to the Lusail Stadium to watch Argentina play France. Qatari authorities surrounded him on all sides.

In a tweet from earlier this year, Musk expressed interest in buying Manchester United. However, after learning that the Glazers had placed the club up for sale, he has not publicly shown a desire to reignite this interest.

After receiving a warning last week that he would be subject to fines in Europe as a result of barring journalists from the site, the owner of Twitter shows up at the World Cup final. A number of journalists covering the billionaire were kicked off the site by the corporation, according to officials in Brussels, who warned that penalties might be coming “soon.”

Vera Jourova, a European Commissioner, described the suspensions as “worrying” and emphasized that EU legislation safeguards press freedom. Ms. Jourova is worried about the news that journalists are being banned from Twitter for no reason.

The vice president for values and transparency at the European Commission, the commissioner, stated: “The EU’s Digital Services Act mandates respect for media freedom and basic rights.” Our #MediaFreedomAct strengthens this.

Elon Musk ought to be aware of it. Red lines are present. Sanctions are coming soon. It happened after a number of journalists’ accounts was terminated by Twitter overnight for writing about Elon Musk.

How much did World Cup final tickets cost?

Early in the week, tickets were being sold online for more than £2,550, and some dealers said they were going for as much as £3,500.

Elon Musk hails Morocco.

Elon Musk, the owner and CEO of the microblogging app Twitter, has sent his congratulations to Morocco on the occasion of the North African nation’s historic win against Portugal.

Youssef En-game-changing Nesyri’s goal in the first half of Morocco’s quarterfinal match against Portugal sent the Atlas Lions of Morocco into the World Cup’s last four for the first time.

Morocco earned the lone ticket to the semifinals despite an assault from Portugal in the second half thanks to a tenacious effort by Walid Regragui’s team, according to the Daily Mail.

Why has Twitter banned some journalists?

This reporter was part of a live broadcast that featured Twitter’s new owner, who paid $44 billion to acquire the service in October. He said that the reporters had “doxed” him, which is an online term for sharing personal information that could be used to find out where someone is or where they live.

On the live call, sponsored by Twitter’s Spaces service, he added, “As I’m sure everyone who’s been doxxed would agree, exposing real-time information about somebody’s whereabouts is unacceptable, and I believe everyone on this call would not wish it to be done to them.”

“There will no longer be any differentiation between so-called journalists and average people in the future.”

Source: National World & Sportsbrief

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