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Elon Musk warns: Russia is ‘trying to kill Starlink’

“Starlink is the only comms system still working,” he wrote, “even so, Starlink may still die.”

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, claims that the only remaining communications infrastructure in the conflict zone in Ukraine is the Starlink satellite Internet system. He claims that Starlink is being “tried to kill” by the Russian military up front.

In response to CNN’s claims that SpaceX would no longer be paying for Starlink satellite services in Ukraine, the CEO made a statement about it on Twitter.

In response to queries from Twitter users, he pointed out significant contrasts between communication networks used in peacetime and times of conflict, noting that fiber optic internet, phone lines, and cell towers had been damaged in fighting zones.

Even though Starlink is the sole communications system that is still operational, he warned that it “may yet perish.”

SpaceX plans to employ Starlink, a worldwide satellite Internet initiative, to provide everyone in the globe access to high-speed Internet.

Elon Musk Starlink Ukraine
Elon Musk Starlink Ukraine

The organization granted Ukraine access to Starlink after Russia’s invasion. Satellite links are used by the military and the Ukrainian government for cooperation, telecommunication, drone management, and heavy artillery control.

According to a story from CNN yesterday, SpaceX has approached the Pentagon for financial assistance since it can no longer afford to pay for Ukraine’s usage of Starlink. By the end of the year, the cost of Starlink in Ukraine, according to the business, will be $12 million.

In response to SpaceX’s declaration, the White House said that it was looking at ways to assist in bringing satellite communications to Kyiv.

Musk had aided Ukraine “at the most vital periods,” according to senior advisor to the Ukrainian president Mykhailo Podolyak, but firms were entitled to their own plans. He said that Ukraine will figure out a means to keep Starlink services running.

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