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Elon Musk unsuspends Washington post’s Taylor Lorenz’s Twitter account; Reveals why he suspended her

Taylor Lorenz of Washington Post is once again on Twitter after Elon Musk temporarily banned her account.

Taylor Lorenz, a reporter for the Washington Post, had access to her Twitter account temporarily disabled on Saturday. Through her TikTok and Substack accounts, she made the announcement on Saturday night. She alleges that Elon Musk took part in her suspension directly.

Lorenz claimed that when she was removed from Twitter, she had only sent three tweets before she deleted them all. Her other social media accounts were linked in two of those tweets, and Elon Musk was the recipient of the third post.

She said that Lorenz and her coworker Drew Harwell, who is also blocked from Twitter, were “working on a piece about Musk and trying to get him to say something.”

Lorenz said in the Substack article, “When I proceeded to check in and see whether he had answered our question, I was suspended.” “I got no information from Twitter management about my suspension or the conditions I broke,” Lorenz claims.

She said, “I’ve been using Twitter since 2010, and I’ve managed Twitter accounts for a number of well-known media companies, including Verizon, WordPress, The Daily Mail, People magazine, The Hill, and dozens more.” “For my own account or any other account I’ve maintained, I have never once gotten terms of service or community rules violation in my 13-year career in social media.”

She criticized Musk’s “arbitrary suspensions of journalists” and said that everyone should be concerned about such restrictions. She may not realize that Musk made a point of saying that journalists would be held to the same rules as everyone else, especially with regard to doxxing, and that they are not unique. Because of Lorenz’s doxxing, the name of Libs of TikTok, a well-known conservative Twitter user, was made public.

Lorenz criticized Musk’s publication of the Twitter data in her deleted tweets. There is varying support for Lorenz. In an attempt to gather information on Kellyanne in 2020, George Conway, Kellyanne Conway’s husband, asked Lorenz to cease contacting their daughter, who was 15 at the time.

Ironically, she is so obviously in need of a mirror that reading about her concerns about doxxing and other terrible conduct on Twitter suddenly seems absurd.

Marc Andreessen, a business software entrepreneur, was wrongly charged by Lorenz in 2021 with “using the r-word,” which she subsequently acknowledged was a mistake.

Also, she had to take back a claim that a “Drudge Report editor” was “relentlessly” bothering her. She later said that the claim was a “joke.”

She blasted Bari Weiss, a former New York Times coworker who is one of the reporters helping Musk share the Twitter data, last week.

Lorenz protested about being doxxed herself.

“The whole mechanism of trending topics is unquestionably fundamentally flawed.” In the Spaces meeting, Lorenz observed, “It’s just so rich to hear him [Musk] scream about doxxing and harassment.”

I mean, I get harassed and doxxed all the time on this app. However, I do believe that people should have greater control over their own experiences. This does not imply that everything has to be monitored more strictly.

“It’s absolutely bizarre,” she added, “because, for instance, in the last few weeks, people have been tweeting things like information about my family or all this material that has previously been used to directly attack my family.” I’ve addressed it, but neither the reports nor the tweets had any effect.

Lorenz said, “I just heard from a lot of folks that the lady who I used to call out to when this thing occurred at Twitter has been fired from Twitter.” Since Elon seems to be concentrating on his personal experience, I believe it has gotten less safe for the rest of us.

Pot/kettle. After witnessing the drawbacks of Twitter, she ought to be more conscious of her own actions, right? Musk is in charge of a private business.

He has the same right to privacy as everyone else. It is simple to understand how specifying his location at any one moment poses a safety issue. In his situation, he was worried about the safety of his family members, especially his little kid.

The restriction was lifted less than 12 hours after Lorenz said in a TikTok video on Saturday night that she had been kicked off the site for “zero reason.” However, Musk has since said he would not enforce Lorenz’s suspension.

Musk replied to a Tweet regarding Lorenz’s suspension with, “Temporarily suspended owing to prior doxxing conduct by this account. “Shortly to be withdrawn.”

The next morning, Lorenz’s profile was reinstated.

Doxxing refers to the dissemination of personal information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails via the Internet for the purposes of harassment, menace, disgrace, or retaliation.

After being removed by Elon Musk for earlier defaming a TikTok talent scout in a 2020 post, Taylor Lorenz’s Twitter account is now accessible again.

Following the announcement of new doxxing procedures by the tech giant, Lorenz was the most recent journalist to be booted by Musk.

Sources: Hotair & Chof360

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