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Elon Musk unbans first 3 accounts on Twitter

On Friday, Elon Musk, the billionaire owner of Twitter, said that he had restored the first three suspended accounts on the network.

The first three suspended accounts on Twitter were revealed to have been restored by billionaire owner and Twitter founder Elon Musk on Friday.

Comedian Kathie Griffin (who leans to the left), psychologist and author Jordan Peterson (who leans to the right), and the satirical journal Babylon Bee (which leans to the right) all have accounts that have been suspended.

Following Musk’s criticism of the former owner of the social media platform’s moderating procedures and permanent account suspensions, the bans have been reversed. Trump’s account will be restored, according to Musk, who said he disagreed with Twitter’s decision to suspend Trump. The prospective reactivation of Trump’s Twitter account will have to wait for now.

Musk said, “New Twitter policy is freedom of expression, but not freedom of reach.” Negative or hateful tweets will be max deboosted & demonetized, thus Twitter won’t get any advertisements or other income. The tweet won’t be found until you actively look for it, which is much like the rest of the Internet.

Musk continued, “Kathie Griffin, Jorden Peterson, & Babylon Bee have been reinstated.” There hasn’t been a decision on Trump yet.

Last week, when Griffin and many other left-leaning Twitter users updated their profiles to imitate Musk, her account was briefly disabled under Musk’s control.

Griffin often skewers Republican officials, and in 2017 he even staged a pretend execution of then-President Donald Trump for a photo session.

This year, Peterson collaborated with the very conservative Daily Wire, but in June, he was banned from the social media platform for tweeting about transgender actress Elliot Page (born Ellen Page).

Peterson seemed to condemn the surgery Page received as part of the transition by using Page’s birth name and implying that such a procedure in any other situation would be unlawful.

“Recall when arrogance was a sin? And a criminal doctor just removed Ellen Page’s breasts,” Peterson had tweeted.

Twitter saw Peterson’s remark on Page as an act of hate speech that was directed against Page’s gender identity.

Following the message, Peterson was informed that he could not recover full access to his Twitter account unless he took down the anti-Page tweet. Peterson turned down the demand and hasn’t been seen on the platform since.

Because of their own satirical jabs at Adml. Rachel Levine, a transgender person who was born Richard Levine but identifies as a woman, The Babylon Bee had their Twitter account blocked in March. The Babylon Bee parodied USA Today by designating Levine as their “Man of the Year” after USA Today named her one of its “Women of the Year” honorees.

The Babylon Bee’s account was frozen and they were given the same choice: remove a tweet promoting their parody or lose access to their account forever.

Source: AmericanMilitaryNews

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