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Elon Musk to step down as Twitter CEO? 

Twitter users voted Elon Musk out as CEO, a decision he said he’d respect, in a poll he himself initiated.

When a poll on Elon Musk’s resignation as Twitter’s CEO allowed 17.5 million users to vote, more than half of them said that he should. The poll ended on Monday.

After admitting he erred in introducing new speech limitations that forbade mentions of competing social media websites, Musk asked Twitter users on Sunday whether they thought he should continue to run the social media network.

Musk has had several run-ins with users on various fronts.

Twitter has made yet another major policy change, saying that it will no longer allow users to connect to Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon, and other sites it considers to be “prohibited.”

But because of the quick backlash that move got, especially from people who had supported Twitter’s new billionaire owner before, Elon Musk promised not to make any other big policy changes without first asking online users what they thought.

Musk’s decision to ban rivals was his latest attempt to stop certain kinds of speech. Last week, he shut down a Twitter account that was tracking the flights of his private plane.

Social media giants like Facebook and Instagram, as well as upstarts like Mastodon, Tribe, Nostr, Post, and even former president Donald Trump’s Truth Social, were all banned.

Twitter could not provide any justification for why these seven websites were placed on the blacklist but not others like Parler, TikTok, or LinkedIn.

Since this practice is so common, it would have been difficult to impose the limitations on Twitter’s millions of users worldwide. Twitter had said that it would at least temporarily suspend accounts that contain the prohibited domains in their profiles.

According to the firm, efforts to circumvent the block by writing out “instagram dot com” might have resulted in a suspension in addition to the links.

Paul Graham, a well-known venture investor who has previously lauded Musk, served as a guinea pig when he announced to his 1.5 million Twitter followers on Sunday that this was the “final straw” and that they could now find him on Mastodon.

His Twitter account was immediately shut down, but it was quickly reinstated as Musk vowed to change the rule that had just been put in place.

Musk said that Twitter would keep suspending accounts that broke the rules, but “only when the main goal of that account was to promote rivals.”

As a result of last week’s tweets on the @ElonJet dispute from Mastodon’s official Twitter account, Twitter took the precaution of blocking links to Mastodon.

Since Musk acquired the firm for $44 billion in late October, Mastodon has seen tremendous growth as a substitute for Twitter users who are dissatisfied with his changes to the platform. Since then, he has started bringing back accounts that broke Twitter’s rules about hate speech and other bad things.

Musk altered Twitter’s policies on Wednesday to forbid broadcasting another person’s present location without that person’s permission.

He also permanently banned the @ElonJet account. He then attacked the media for reporting on the jet-tracking account, which may still be visible on other social networking platforms, saying that the reporters were sharing “essentially assassination coordinates.”

He cited it as justification for Twitter’s actions last week to ban the profiles of a number of journalists who cover the social media site and Musk, including journalists from The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, Voice of America, and other publications.

Many of those accounts were recovered when Musk conducted an online survey.

Then, over the weekend, Taylor Lorenz of The Washington Post became the newest journalist to be placed on temporary suspension. She said she was fired after she mentioned Musk in a tweet and asked for an interview.

Sally Buzbee, the executive editor of the Washington Post, said that Musk’s decision to suspend another writer for the Post was “arbitrary” and that it made it harder for Musk to say that Twitter would be run as a platform that supports free speech.

Once again, the suspension happened without any kind of notice, procedure, or justification; this time, a reporter had just asked Musk for comment for a story, according to Buzbee. Lorenz’s account was back up and running by noon on Sunday, along with the post she thought got her banned.

Even though he said in November that a restructuring was coming, Musk’s promise on Sunday to let people choose his future job at Twitter through a fake online poll seemed to come out of nowhere.

On November 16, Musk was questioned in court regarding his time allocation between Tesla, SpaceX, Twitter, and his other businesses.

Musk had to testify in the Delaware Court of Chancery because an investor questioned his possible $55 billion salary as CEO of the company that makes electric cars.

Musk said that he had no intention of becoming the CEO of Tesla or any other company and that he preferred to think of himself as an engineer. Additionally, Musk predicted that Twitter’s organizational restructure will be finished within the next week or two.

It’s been over a month since he said it.

Having a public conversation with Twitter users On Sunday, Musk voiced doubt about the chances of finding a replacement for Elon Musk as CEO, stating that somebody “must enjoy suffering a lot” to lead a business that “has been in the fast lane to bankruptcy.”

“Nobody wants the position of a genuine Twitter lifeguard. “No replacement exists,” tweeted Musk.

Source: NPR

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