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Elon Musk Sells Out ‘Meme Fragrance’ , The ‘Essence of Repugnant Desire,’

Burnt Hair by Elon Musk, which sold out, set sales records of over 28,000 units.

Elon Musk’s millionaire company, The Boring Company, has sold out of its coveted Burnt Hair fragrance. According to Musk, 30,000 bottles of limited-edition perfume have already been sold.

The perfume is marketed as an “omnigender product” and can be bought using DogeCoin, a cryptocurrency that has often been associated with the billionaire, according to Musk, who earlier this month altered his Twitter profile to “Perfume Salesman.”

Burnt Hair’s branding strategy

The “The Essence of Repugnant Desire”-branded Burnt Hair perfume will be delivered to consumers in the first few months of 2019. The company’s website offered preorders for the scent.

Elon Musk Perfume
Elon Musk’s New Fragrance ‘Burnt Hair’ – Elon Musk/Twitter

Two reviews have so far been posted on The Boring Company website without the original sources being made known. The comments stated: “In a throng, stand out! Get noticed as you pass by people in the airport,” and “Like squinting at a candle at the dinner table, but easier.”

What does it cost, and how does it smell?

The new perfume from Elon Musk is still not widely available, but according to the entertainment website Elite Daily, it smells like a “mix of charcoal, singed skin, and BBQ.”

Each bottle of perfume costs $100. According to Vogue, the swift sales of the product increased Musk’s wealth by more than $2 million. The wealthiest guy in the world right now is Elon Musk.

Then what?

Musk often promotes the things that The Boring Company sells on Twitter, which are considered to be unusual. In 2018, the business infamously sold over 20,000 copies of a flamethrower. “NOT-A-FLAMETHROWER” was the name of the product.

Elon Musk Flame thrower
Elon Musk’s FlameThrower via Twitter

Musk tweeted at the time, “The allegation that I’m covertly inventing a zombie apocalypse to fuel demand for flamethrowers is absolutely wrong. He said in another article, “We are constantly preparing for the future, even if the zombie apocalypse may not have happened yet.”

Musk tweeted last week, “Please purchase my perfume, so I can own Twitter.”

The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX is now negotiating a contentious purchase agreement for the microblogging service. The deal’s resuscitation is the latest twist in the Twitter-Musk drama, which has been full of them. After pulling out of the $44 billion purchase of Twitter in July, Musk recently resumed negotiations.

Source: IB Times

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