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Elon Musk says, “Twitter has interfered in elections.”

Twitter, according to Elon Musk, has “failed in trust & safety for a very long period and has intervened in elections,” according to a recent tweet. To regain the confidence of the public in the corporation, Musk, the platform’s new owner, has pledged to make internal papers public.

Elon Musk, the owner and CEO of Twitter, said on Wednesday that prior to his acquisition, it was a “clear truth” that Twitter’s content filtering practices “had interfered in elections.”

When Mr. Musk criticized his predecessors in a response to someone who said that Twitter had lost people’s confidence, he did not specify which particular elections he believed were impacted by the social media platform’s mistakes.

Long-time Twitter users are aware of the “clear truth” that the social media platform has long failed to uphold user safety and trust, as well as meddling in elections. Twitter 2.0 will be far more efficient, open, and impartial.

Both Democrats and Republicans have long asserted that social media platforms made it possible for foreign countries to influence American politics.

Republicans cite Twitter’s move to restrict the dissemination of news stories regarding President Biden’s son Hunter Biden’s humiliating conduct and dubious business dealings as one example.

According to CP in October 2020, Twitter’s suppression of the Post’s article includes preventing anybody with a sizable Twitter following from spreading it. After she posted the piece, the site went so far as to lock the personal Twitter account of White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

Additionally, the site blacklisted Republican senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee who shared the piece.

The creator of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, was summoned by the Senate Judiciary Committee in response, who subsequently verified the censorship and claimed it was “wrong” to prevent the news from being disseminated.

Twitter has, as a result of Elon Musk’s takeover of the company, reactivated the accounts of a number of prominent users, among them the former president of the United States Donald Trump, The Babylon Bee, Dr. Jordan Peterson, Kathy Griffin, and Project Veritas, amongst others.

After running a headline in March that incorrectly referred to transgender Health and Human Services Secretary Rachel Levine as a male, CP had its account banned. As of this writing, the account has not been reopened.

GOP lawmakers anticipate more cooperation from Twitter’s new CEO since Musk has promised to build the social media platform “where a broad spectrum of opinions can be argued healthily,” according to Rep. James Comer, R-Ky.

Previously, Musk has claimed that his disapproval of Twitter’s free speech policies is what prompted him to want to acquire the social media behemoth. The billionaire has been outspoken in his criticism of Twitter’s alleged limitations on free expression.

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