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Elon Musk restores Babylon Bee’s Twitter account

Babylon Bee’s Twitter account is reinstated by Elon Musk

Before allowing anybody to be reinstated, Elon Musk was required to form a blue-ribbon committee to examine all banned and suspended Twitter accounts. However, the individual in charge of assembling the committee was unintentionally sacked along with everyone else.

“F*ck it, bring back The Bee,” Elon said. That is the report provided to us by an unidentified insider with knowledge of the situation who requests anonymity. The fact that The Babylon Bee got its account restored is crucial.

There has always been an account. They just couldn’t access it until they took down a tweet that ridiculed a member of the Biden administration. Former Twitter employees thought it was nasty.

Twitter decided not to remove it because it wasn’t venomous enough. The tweet has remained active the whole time. Only Twitter found it offensive enough to demand that the Bee remove it for them.

I don’t see the humor, myself. Admiral Rachel Levine, Assistant Health Secretary, is undoubtedly a woman in accordance with the AP Stylebook. But comedy is personal. Also, not everyone understands Ligma Johnson.

It is said that Elon Musk’s putting a large sum of money on fire to purchase Twitter was the result of this ban for making fun of a political person. The phone conversation was played to us by the same unnamed source as previously.

ELON MUSK: Did Twitter really suspend you for that?


ELON MUSK: Well that’s stupid.

Less has been used to ignite world wars. When their blatant parodies become reality months later, The Babylon Bee continues to be the most dependable source of news. Although it makes you question who will be the next victim if the bee gets their account back.

Source: Louderwithcrowder

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