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Elon Musk responds to merciless booing at the Dave Chappelle Show

After the audience exploded in a combination of applause and boos Sunday night, Chappelle stated to Musk, “It seems like some of the folks you fired are in the audience.”

When Elon Musk showed up on stage at a Dave Chappelle show in San Francisco over the weekend, no one expected it. He was met with both jeers and boos.

On Sunday night, the comedian greeted the entrepreneur, who owns Twitter and is worth billions of dollars, as he took the stage at the Chase Center. There are videos of Musk’s presence floating around the web.

A video of Chappelle allegedly saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, make some noise for the wealthiest guy in the world” was posted online by an account that no longer seems to be active as of Monday morning.

The plaudits of the audience were shortly drowned out by loud yells of “boo!” when Musk waved to the throng while wearing an “I love Twitter” shirt.

Musk waved to the crowd, and Chappelle replied, “Cheers and boos, I see.”

controversy, my friend. The crowd and Musk both laughed as the comic said, “It seems like some of the employees you fired are here.”

In November, not long after Musk and his colleagues took control of Twitter, they announced massive layoffs. His leadership style and attitude toward lax content-filtering procedures have come under significant criticism.

How do I respond, Dave? Musk was asked a question on stage at one point.

“A good 80% of the stadium booed,” said James Yu, who was in the crowd, on Twitter. 8,000 persons. and he shrivels. Definitely transforms into a corncob.

Yu observed that Musk spoke little when he was on stage.

According to what Yu wrote, “Dave offered him a lot of opportunities to talk, but all he did was put his hands in his pockets.” “In fact, I felt sorry for him.” I’m more of a moderate than an Elon devotee. For the love of God, dude, say anything and act like a tweet! “I wanted to smack him!”

Musk discussed his memory of the audience’s response on Monday.

“Technically, there was 90% applause and 10% booing, but even so, there were a lot of boos, which is a first for me in real life (frequent on Twitter). I almost seem to have insulted SF’s crazy liberals, but no, I “Tweeted” him.

Much like Musk, Chappelle has a history of making waves in the entertainment industry. When a Netflix program on the transgender community was published last year, he received harsh criticism for his remarks. Following the airing of the program, hundreds of LGBTQ activists and Netflix employees demonstrated in front of the company’s Los Angeles headquarters.

Source: NBC News

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