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Elon Musk announces his new fragrance ‘Burnt Hair’: Sells 10,000 bottles within hours

Elon Musk ‘sells’ Brunt Hair perfume, wants ‘payment’ in Doge, Twitter can’t keep calm

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and the inventor of SpaceX, has a talent for inciting controversy and profiting from it. The billionaire debuted his newest apparent joke product, “Burnt Hair” cologne, earlier this week after launching a Cyberwhistle in September to address the backlash from his disastrous Twitter acquisition.

In an earlier Tweet, Musk said his tunneling firm, the Boring Co., will release a perfume for guys to help them “Stand out in a crowd.” When they go through the airport, “Get seen!”

According to Musk’s subsequent Tweet, 10,000 bottles of “Burnt Hair,” a $100 per bottle fragrance for males by Singed, have already been sold. He updated his Twitter profile to read “Perfume Salesman” and added that he was looking forward to tomorrow’s news articles about the $1 million in burnt hair sales.

In order to earn $10 million for its tunnel-building experiments, Musk’s Boring Co. produced a limited run of 20,000 flamethrowers back in 2018.

The entrepreneur has also introduced a few goods to respond to investors who have reservations about his automaker, like Tesla Tequila that parodies an April Fool’s joke and a pair of satin shorts that make fun of short sellers.

Elon Musk Perfume
Elon Musk’s New Fragrance ‘Burnt Hair’ – Elon Musk/Twitter

The recently released Burnt perfume by Musk may allegedly be purchased with cryptocurrency. Musk has been a staunch supporter of cryptocurrencies, and has been one of the first to back Bitcoin, the so-called “most popular crypto.”

Musk also changed the title of his Twitter profile to “perfume salesperson” and described Brunt Hair as having the “finest fragrance on Earth.”

Although some users first thought the announcement of the sale of perfume was a prank and labeled it “world-class trolling,” it turned out to be real. The entrepreneur said that the sales of the fragrance surpassed the threshold of 10,000 bottles, which indicates that the profit from the product was one million dollars within the first six hours after it was introduced onto the market.

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